We aim to share the stories and adventures of this great community.

The Peterborough area is a unique, beautiful, and connected community surrounded by the mixed deciduous forests and lakes of central Ontario.  We aim to strengthen the shared passions of adventure and the outdoors; your stories and experiences are what make this community so great.

You do not need to be an adventurer or explorer by trade to submit, everyone follows their own path.  We want to hear from you about a day, a week, or perhaps even an hour in your life.  Adventure is in the eyes of the beholder and we want to share your story! 

This month's banner image provided by Hugh Dobson - See his recent story, Desert Paddling (See Photos for past banner photos)

Our Recent Events:

It was a great night at the Canoe and Paddle on May 8th - Kevin Callan brought laughs and a story to the evening.  He took us down the Spey River and we all got a taste of adventure and scotch! We were able to raise almost $500 for the New Canadian Centre in Peterborough. Thank you to all who came out for our first adventure pub night! Stay tuned for more great opportunities!



feedback from our Lunatic event:

Thank you to all who came to our First PTBO Explores Event! Ian Evans shared an inspiring story of endurance, perseverance and commitment to pushing your comfort zone.

"The film was moving and the empty and cold landscape shots of the antarctic would make anyone shiver. Ian pushed his body and mind to its limits on that trip and ‘Lunatic’ does a great job exploring why it’s important to challenge yourself."     Graeme Harlick - PTBO Explores story: Diving in Belize

"So great! Ian was amazing."   Stephanie Park

"It was very interesting"   Colin Eaton

"Thanks! It was well worth the drive to Peterborough!"              Brian Thompson

"Absolutely amazing- no words."  Eileen Kimmett


Our most recent featured stories:  



PTBO Explores is a grassroots organization aimed at connecting members of the community who wish to share a story or two with the rest of the world.   

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