Diving in Belize

My ears had never heard such a wonderful sound.

I had just plunged into the warm tropical waters off the coast of Belize and I could hear it, the clicks and whistles of a pod of dolphins.

The dive boat had stopped for lunch after a morning of scuba diving and everyone was taking a minute to rest and recuperate. On the other hand, I was eager to get back into the water and ate as quickly as I could. I knew that there was snorkeling in the shallows where the boat was anchored and couldn't risk missing the chance to keep exploring. This was my first time to Belize and my first time on a scuba diving trip. 

My excitement definitely showed. 

Among the lunchtime noise I noticed that the dive master was trying to signal something to me and the rest of the boat. I snapped up and scanned the waves but couldn't make out what he saw. Then they appeared - fins splashing in and out of the water. It was a pod of dolphins.

This was my chance. There were splashes of other divers already getting in and I was cursing myself as I fumbled with my mask and fins. I hurried to the side of the boat and jumped in.

When I hit the water the first thing I noticed was the sound. Sharp chatter and whistles seemed to echo from every direction. I couldn't help but to float underwater and just listen.

I had to kick furiously to catch up with the others. My mask needed constant clearing so I followed the foggy silhouettes ahead of me. The clicking got louder and louder the further I swam until they were right there in front of me.

Three large dolphins swam below me and I noticed another smaller group off to my right. For a second, the three seemed to stop as if to let us have a look, but I realized they were waiting for the others. They turned to join the rest of the pod and with a few more whistles swam off into the darkness. 

I surfaced and let the moment sink in. I had just swum with wild dolphins in Belize. It was practically unbelievable.

I pulled myself up the dive ladder and had barely dried off before the dive master was pointing at me to get back in the water. Apparently a sea turtle was curious to know what we were up to.

I didn't hesitate to jump back in.


Contributed by Graeme Harlick  // @Graeme_Everyday

For 4 years, Graeme has been challenging himself and his followers to do something new and different every day. His adventures and experiences can be found on his blog, The Everyday Challenge.


Further Information about Graeme's Belize Adventure

Graeme stayed in Placencia, Belize and booked his adventure with the Splash Dive Centre. The diving and snorkelling occurred off the coast of Belize at Gladden Spit (See map below).


  • 7 hours by air
  • 2 hours by land
  • 1 hour by water