Whenever I visit my grandparents in Grimsby, Ontario, I try to make it up to Beamer Memorial Conservation Area on the Niagara Escarpment. It holds many fond memories for me, but I am now just beginning to appreciate all that it is! Beamer is well known for it's incredible view of Lake Ontario as well as a main stop for the annual hawk migration. Venturing off-path can take you deeper into the core of the woods or down the cliffs. The escarpment cliffs create an added challenge for the athletically-inclined (which I am not).

I love the ATMOSPHERE of this place. Being so high up and removed from the rest of the world is incredibly rejuvenating. Whether in the vibrancy of autumn, the white clarity of winter, or the deep green of spring and summer this place is worth an exploration. Take a deep breath in the ethereal, living atmosphere.

On this particular day, January 21st, 2017, I was beyond excited to get up into the mist and experience this forest I know so well in a new way. It did not disappoint. With every step, beauty revealed itself in droplets of condensation, hanging boughs of evergreens, brightly growing fungi, and the disappearing trunks of trees. The path ahead, ever mysterious.

Submitted by Julia Luymes @JuliaLuymesArt

Born in Brampton but raised Peterborough, Julia works at Jo Annes's Place. She enjoys exploring new places, whether down the road or across the sea and has a deep appreciation for the landscapes & details of Canada, especially northern Ontario and Nunavut. She grew up painting with watercolours but fell in love with photography during her time at Haliburton School of the Arts. She now enjoys experimenting with both historical & modern photographic processes. Check out her website:

More information about this micro-adventure:

  • Learn more about Beamer Memorial Conservation Area
  • Directions: Travel along the QEW Niagara Take exit 71 (Christie St.) in Grimsby. Travel south along Christie street (it turns into Mountain Rd at Regional Road 81). Follow Mountain Road South up to the top of the escarpment. Turn Right (west) onto Ridge Rd Turn Right (north) onto Quarry Rd. Park Entrance in on Quarry Rd. The address is 28 Quarry Rd, Grimsby, ON L3M 4E7.